Mini Modo Bud Vase

Crafted with meticulous care, the flawless bud vase boasts stylish bi-directional ribbing that seamlessly fuses practicality with artistic flair. Handcrafted to perfection, no two pieces are identical, celebrating the beauty found in imperfection. Each vase exudes its own distinct charm, a testament to the artisan's ingenuity and skill. Whether displaying your favorite blooms or elevating any space with a touch of sophistication, this vase is a quintessential choice.
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H): 2.5" x 6.75″
  • MATERIAL: Clay Minerals
  • ORIGIN: Thailand
  • CARE: Hand Wash and air dry

These exquisite products are meticulously crafted from Kaolinite deposits found in the northern province of Thailand. Artisans, deeply rooted in their craft, painstakingly handcraft each piece, infusing them with a distinct style that resonates with cultural richness. Each creation carries the unmistakable imprint of its artisan, making it as unique as the hands that shaped it.

Moreover, by purchasing these remarkable pieces, you acquire an exceptional work of art and contribute to noble causes. Your support aids in the conservation efforts of elephants and fosters education by funding blindness schools and scholarships for underprivileged students in Thailand. It extends a helping hand to local communities here in the United States with scholarship programs.

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