We Mail it For You!

At The Dove we take care getting your cards out on time to those you love and care about.

All you have to do is pick a card from DOVEgifts great selection of greeting cards, enter the addresses; enter a note; and/or your signature and we take it from there. We print your message, address the envelope, add the postage and get it mailed so it gets to your recipient. No more worry about forgetting to get the card out the door to friends and loved-ones. Cards ordered before 1:00 pm Eastern will go out that day. We mail anywhere in the contiguous USA and Canada.

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Step 1: Shop  for just the  right card.

Step 2: Choose the Date the card needs to arrive or select an at once delivery

Step 3: Enter the Recipient’s name and mailing address.

Step 4: Add Signature and/or note

Step 5: Relax, we take it from here.

If you prefer to send them yourself, no worries, select "Shipped" on the product page. We will ship the cards to you so that you can send them whenever you’d like.